Halibut/Salmon Combo Charter

Halibut/Salmon Combo Charter
Fra USD 265,00 $
  • Varighed: 9 Timer (Ca.)
  • Produkt kode: Combo Trip

Long considered the ultimate prize for Alaskan anglers, the Alaska king salmon (chinook) also swims the waters off Ninilchik. King salmon charters are always a favorite for anglers visiting the area early in our fishing season. King salmon charters in the salt water are done in conjunction with halibut fishing, or a “combo” charter. Combo salmon/halibut trips can take as long as 10 hours before returning to shore, pack a good lunch! As a reminder, all participants are required to have a king salmon "stamp" attached to their state issued fishing license. Our office can issue both licenses and stamps if you haven't already purchased them.

** Halibut fishing charters are not available to book on Wednesdays due to species conservation measures **